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3 Influencer Marketing Myths

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Written by Tomás Rodriguez Mamberti

November 11, 2020 4:23:10 PM BRT


Influencer Marketing is an innovative marketing practice that is growing fast. However, there are still some myths and confusion about its effectiveness as part of a digital marketing strategy.

In this article we will reveal three myths about influencer marketing and their realities.

Myth 1: "Bots and fraud cannot be avoided, and influencers cannot be trusted."


As influencers platforms and industry experts emerge, influencer marketing is less misunderstood. Unfortunately, this myth still seems to exist, thanks to certain fraudulent people who cast doubt on other creators.

The truth here is that with the various tools we have today, fraud can be easily detected and avoided. Whether using the fraud analysis tool as a guide, checking the creator's account behavior, or just their demographic information, it now only takes a few minutes to identify red flags.

It's never been easier to spot suspicious behavior. If you are one of these influencers still buying followers, stop wasting your time.

Myth 2: "Influencers only pose for selfies and are a non-legitimate marketing method."


Some marketers still don't consider influencer marketing as part of their spending for many reasons: lack of understanding, fear of losing money, or lack of knowledge about the best way to invest in this method of marketing.

Content creators are sometimes dismissed and ridiculed as "Instagram models" or "selfie obsessed," but a brand could miss out on one of the best returns on investment in marketing.

If an influencer's audience isn't aligned with the brand's message, the budget will definitely be wasted. This is completely avoidable with good strategy and research. Selectively choosing influencers for your campaigns is vital.

Myth 3: "Influencer marketing is too expensive."


Some people think that content creators "charge too much." However, when we realize that these people are copywriters, stylists, photographers, creative directors, strategists, models, and editors all rolled into one single person, our perspective changes.

If you look at it that way and compare it to traditional advertising techniques: influencers are actually the cheapest content creators in the world! Depending on the influencers you choose and the size of your campaign, their cost can vary widely.

Although it can be challenging to determine the true price of an influencer, there are ways to tell if you are trading well. Mainly, you can appeal to engagement, which is the degree of interaction that a person has on their social networks. In turn, the number of followers is another determining factor for the price, as it determines your audience. And finally, the quality and regularity of a person's feed are usually decisive. An influencer who regularly uploads stories, and quality photos to her feed, is not the same as an influencer whose feed is full of advertisements for brands.

Taking all these factors into consideration, influencer marketing becomes very transparent, clear, and risk-proof. To learn more about how to launch an effective influencers campaign you can leave your details at and apply for a free strategy call.