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4 steps to generate leads and sales with influencers

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Written by Tomás Terra

October 21, 2020 3:10:16 PM BRT


Influencer marketing has evolved a lot in the last years. Initially, brands were simply looking to collaborate with influencers to get more followers on their Instagram account or to give visibility to their brand message. But we see that advertisers are now expecting their influencers campaigns to have a direct impact on their business. 

Now, while it’s possible to get an influencer to recommend our product or service and generate sales for us, it may not be the best way to take advantage of that traffic.

If we collaborate with an influencer and ask him to recommend our product to their audience and share a link that goes directly to our online store, it’s actually a little difficult to generate sales.

Let’s think of it this way. The average conversion rate of an online store can range from 1% to 3%, therefore we would need influencers to generate a large volume of traffic to make those visits become sales and it is not the best way to think about these type of campaigns.

Now, what if instead of directing traffic directly to the store, the influencers direct traffic to a sales funnel that is going to warm up that traffic automatically?

This can certainly make our conversion rate increase significantly and that’s why the best marketers are using this type of strategy.

How do I generate leads with influencers?

Lead generation involves generating an interest in a product or service for which our target audience would be willing to leave us their data. At least their email and name. Influencers can be a very effective way to generate leads. In fact, the leads generated by influencers tend to progress in the sales funnel faster because having had that first contact with a person they follow and in whom they trust, generates much more credibility. And that’s kind of the magic from influencer marketing.


1. Use influencers to offer a gift (leads magnet)

The first step for our strategy of generating leads with influencers, should be to think of a good gift or leads magnet. We can think of lots of types of leads magnets. From an eBook, a report, a free webinar to a giveaway.

The give aways with influencers, can bring excellent results if they are well thought out. It is important that for leads to be relevant, the prize from the giveaway is actually related to our product or service. There’s no point in offering an iPhone when I have a cosmetics brand. I’m probably going to get a lot of people to sign up for the giveaway and leave their details but ultimately, there’s no reason why those people should be interested in our product or service.

The step of thinking of a really attractive lead magnet is fundamental so that the leads we get are really interested in our proposal.

A car dealer might for example develop an augmented reality 360 experience so that people can get to know the inside of a car as if they were right there. There is no limit to how creative advertisers can and should be at this point.

2. Bring traffic to an opt in page

Influencers are not only going to talk about their experience with the product or service itself, they are going to talk and recommend the leads magnet, the gift. In this way, they would take the traffic to an opt in page, which would be the first step of the sales funnel.

This page will typically have a hook. A very attractive title and some persuasive message that generates that the visits that arrive to the page are tempted to leave their data in exchange for that value that they will receive.

Once they leave their details, they will not only receive the gift we promised but now they will also become part of our mailing list. We just turned them into a lead!


3. "I’m going to make you an offer you can’t reject."

Besides delivering the gift we promised our new lead, on the same thank you page, we will now ideally take that person to the next step of the funnel. We’re taking him to a sales page.

Depending on the nature of the product or service, on this sales page now we will be able to finish convincing the lead to take out his card and buy.

If you are looking to implement this type of funnel for an online store with multiple products, the ideal thing is to choose one of your best-selling products. Think of it as the gateway so they know your brand better. Once they make that first purchase, there’s plenty of time to offer them a complimentary upsell.

The idea of selling through funnels is that there is only one call to action. The user will read the persuasive arguments of our value proposition and if he decides to move forward he must be able to make a specific purchase. This is not the place to choose products or sizes. Ideally we have to think of a unique product.

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4. Retargeting with an effective email sequence

By now, what we do is we turn traffic we control into traffic we own.

The traffic we control is that traffic we get from influencers who recommended our leads magnet. We control it because we agree on the conditions of collaboration with these influencers and in case we have taken advantage of a platform to manage the influencers campaign we will have been able to moderate all the content they generated.

By turning this traffic into leads, we now become the owners of that traffic and we will be able to write to them as many times as we want.

If we think of a sequence of emails where we continue to add value to our audience and group them with a story, surely, we will have a good chance that a percentage of those leads progress in the funnel and return to the sales page.

If you are thinking that this type of strategy with influencers can help you grow your business, at Lemmonet we can help you. You can write to me at tomas.terra@lemmonet and we can coordinate a strategy call free of charge.

Tomás Terra

Written by Tomás Terra

Chief Growth Officer