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Creator Spotlight: Sebas Macias

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Written by Samantha Badgen

June 25, 2020 1:04:03 PM BRT


Influencers and content creators are our bread and butter, the backbone of our company and the pillar of what we do. 

So we thought, why not give them a moment in our spotlight? From now on, we’ll be periodically posting about our stars, creators who go above and beyond on our campaigns and absolutely knock it out of the park. 

Today we’re highlighting Sebastían Macias, or Sebas. A Colombian creator with over 150 thousand followers between his Instagram page and YouTube channel, he recently collaborated with us on a campaign for Etermax, the mobile game developer behind hits such as Trivia Crack (Preguntados or Perguntados in Latin America). 

So far, he has been one of the most successful creators for this campaign, with a video that has over 125 thousand views (and counting) and generated almost 5 thousand clicks and around 1.4 thousand downloads. 

He talked to us about his approach to collaborating with brands and how he takes on his projects. 

How he picks a campaign to work on

We pick campaigns based on the brand, its values and what it represents for us. Why do we do this? For us, it's important to recommend products or services that we really would use, and that will also relate to our content in any of the verticals we work with: gaming, food or life style. 

What the content creation process is like

First we analyze what the brand is looking for, with the objective of communicating with our followers as clearly as possible. Based on these requirements, we plan the activations, how we would execute them and what they would be, whether photos, videos or stories. Everything is made in such a way that the content will appear organic and will flow with the communication style we’ve always used. 

Advice for other creators

Always be authentic, don’t change your communication style just because you're working with brands. Also, always put yourself in your followers’ shoes and look at your content from their point of view. Would I like what you’re saying? Would it have a positive impact on me? Is this really an attractive product or are you just convincing me to take the action you want? This will always help refine the way you create your content and the actions you’re creating. 

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Samantha Badgen

Written by Samantha Badgen