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How to get app installs with influencers?

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Written by Tomás Terra

October 21, 2020 2:54:48 PM BRT


The mobile app market continues grow in Latin America. In fact, according to the Appsflyer report "The State of App Marketing in Latin America 2020", the pandemic accelerated this growth, especially in Mexico and Brazil, where revenue generated by applications increased by 65% and 50% respectively.

Appsflyer notes that 60% of the facilities during 2019 were attributed to paid campaigns, 30% more than in 2017. It’s clear that users have a variety of mobile apps in all niches and marketers need to get really creative to differentiate their app and get new users.

Influencer marketing is positioning itself even faster as an alternative channel to traditional digital channels. Advertisers use this form of communication to achieve greater empathy and closeness with their target audience.

What can be more convincing than a recommendation from a friend or a person you follow closely in social media? The influencer marketing would be like the evolution of the so effective "word of mouth" and the marketers in charge of the growth strategies for mobile apps are not staying out of this trend.

How to communicate my mobile app with influencers in a cost effective way?

Most influencers are used to working for a fixed fee or simply by receiving product gifts in exchange for a number of publications. Influencers who have more experience in working with brands already have their own media kit where they detail the fees they charge for each type of format. Some offer packs of stories on Instagram, a fee for featured stories and maybe a different price for a post on the feed or for a video on Youtube. For campaigns focused on generating brand awareness and recognition, such agreements can work well. But for performance advertisers who are looking to justify their return on investment, this type of collaboration can become a bit risky, because it’s very hard to predict how well or how badly an influencer might be when promoting your app. The industry is migrating to a more meritocratic scheme where the payment of campaigns is subject to the results obtained by the influencer with its contents.

How can I track my marketing investment with influencers?

To avoid remaining in vanity metrics such as "Likes" and comments, it is important to have a plan to be able to attribute the real impact of influencers in downloads of the app. The ideal is to have an MMP (mobile measurement partner) to identify which of the downloads are attributed to the content published by influencers on their social channels.Lemmonet Influencers platform, for example, is linked to all the main MMPs so that we can track the activity of each of the influencers participating in the campaign. By being approved within the Lemmonet mobile app, the influencer generates its influencer link to use on their networks. Some promote it in their Instagram stories, in the link of their bio in Instagram or Tiktok or also share it in Youtube videos. The secret is how influencers get creative in finding effective content strategies and triggers that will induce their audience to download the app.

To get downloads from the BetterNet app that is a mobile VPN that allows users to set a virtual location, the influencer @agusdeanchorena that helps entrepreneurs and other influencers grow on Instagram, for example talks about a "trick to activate the music sticker on Instagram" and she recommends the app in a very native way as a solution to this frequent problem of your target audience.


Another example is that of the brothers Sebas and Santi Maye. These Youtubers made a hilarious video on their Agentes Dementes channel where they play the famous Q&A game and invite their audience to join them by leaving their influencer link in the description of the YouTube video.


With this modality, mobile app marketers are finding in influencers a new way to get new users.

Organic downloads are the holy grail of marketers. These are users who download an app without being impacted by any kind of ad. Users who reach your app through influencers, since the ad feels a bit more organic, have a more similar behavior to that of organic users. After all, influencers are real people who are interacting with the app, who shop within the app, and who tell their friends and followers why they are choosing that app.

Which application niches are best suited to this model?

The pay-per-install model in the influencer world is relatively new and there are some niche mobile apps for which there is definitely a better fit for this type of collaboration. The niches that best adapt to this modality are casual games, photo and video editing apps, health apps, meditation and social networks. To be successful with such campaigns and get influencers excited and involved in the campaign, the key is to provide attractive incentives. Ideally an incentive to the influencers whenever they get an app install and perhaps also an incentive to users such as a discount coupon. Advertisers should think about offering a CPI 2 to 4 times higher than what they are normally offering with display and network ads. The type of users that are purchased through influencers tend to have a substantially higher LTV (life time value) than users who come from  ad networks  traffic.This is due to the proximity that influencers generate by having their personal experience with the app and therefore these users tend to have a behavior much more similar to that of organic users.

Tomás Terra

Written by Tomás Terra

Chief Growth Officer