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#InfluencerMarketing works: Colgate's case study

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Written by Amanda Diniz Correia

July 18, 2019 1:28:16 PM BRT


Influencer Marketing works. Today it is really common to hear about brands that jump into this tactic to bring their products or services closer to potential customers. We are convinced at Lemmonet that the reason why advertisers choose Influencer Marketing, is due to the fact that it achieves the goal of conveying their brands message.

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It turns out that technology and internet have transformed the way in which we interact with content. The amount of hours a day we dedicate to social media has undoubtedly shaped a new way of receiving and sending messages.

The kind of content that we post on our social media, where we show ourselves in our daily lives, has also changed our perception of what is authentic and real.

A Google study has revealed that 54% of internet users perceive influencers as more relatable when they show their lives through social media platforms.

Influencers represent many of the values Internet has promoted, such as genuinity, authenticity and originality.

Through the content they share, they have conquered thousands of followers, just by seizing opportunities found in these platforms. And when it comes to advertising, it can be a great opportunity for brands.

Opinions are very important. So much so, that a positive opinion towards a product or service made through social media can act directly on the decision a customer makes when purchasing a product.

According to a Google study, 94% of marketers said influencer marketing is an effective ad-campaign strategy.

But it's marketing, not magic: the key to achieve these results is to work with professionals who can give you recommendations on the type of campaigns you should run and the type of influencer you should select to collaborate with, always keeping in mind the goal your brand is pursuing.

Colgate's case is a clear success example.


The case

Colgate Argentina aimed to increase brand reputation, communicating the importance of oral health through instagram influencers’ posts with their children. Their message was clear, to talk about how parents teach oral hygiene to their children. Using the hashtag #OralHealthMonth as their signature, Colgate was looking to spark a movement for everyone to adopt healthy oral habits.

The brand considered Influencer Marketing as a great strategy to address these values, so they partnered with Lemmonet to design their campaign, "Teaching how to smile is also possible".

Mariano Martinez ensenandole a su hija a cepillarse los dientes.

@marianom78's post

To accomplish this tactic, we turned to parent content creators to help us promote the importance of oral hygiene, through posts that show everyday life. These Influencers generated content with their children, promoting daily tooth care and encouraging them to incorporate this habit.

Screenshot 2019-05-07 at 4.12.58 PM@JuaRepetto with her son.

The campaign

"Teaching how to smile is also possible", a campaign that run during September (known as the oral health month), attempted to raise awareness regarding the importance of dental care from childhood. "Oral care starts at home and Colgate gives you information on how to take care of your family's smile" explained Mónica Larcebeau, dentist and Colgate Cono Sur Region Institutional Relations Manager.

Two types of collaborations were agreed upon with Influencers that participated. On one hand, posts that attracted attention to the campaign within that month and everyday scenes where that meant parents educating their children about the importance of brushing your teeth and 

on the other hand, their active participation on Colgate's Travel Truck with their children. This truck travelled through different parts of Buenos Aires and then visited different provinces, such as Cordoba, Mendoza and Santa Fe.

In the truck, kids could enjoy augmented reality sessions and virtual experiences as well as a playroom to learn about oral health habits with their parents, under the guided supervision of professional dentists.

Influencers were asked to include the hashtags of #SmilingIsAlsoLearned and #OralHealthMonth, to make it easier to identify the results of the campaign with the posts and amplify the message.

In social media posts it was possible to see collaborations in Colgate´s truck, interacting with their children and the specialists.Screenshot 2019-05-07 at 4.31.05 PM

Real post of @quechuchomachucho

This strategy was designed by Lemmonet to make it easier for the brand to reach the target audience in a more efficient way.

Definitely, one of the main virtues of Influencer Marketing campaigns, is running campaigns with professional content creators that know their audience to the spot and know how to achieve engament on their posts. 

Screenshot 2019-05-07 at 4.25.57 PM@danilachepi's post


Results for this campaign, KPIs, CPM (cost per impressions) and CPE (cost per engagement) were measured in a combined manner. This guaranteed a perfect mix between reach and interaction with the audience.

21 Instagram publications were posted by these Influencers, that generated up to 4 million impressions and had a total engagement of over 150K.

This successful campaign allowed to sclae the message of the brand, that already had reputation and recognition, to the next level and to everyday family situations. Influencer marketing works.

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