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Metrics and usability: know the differentials of the Lemmonet platform

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Written by Shelby MacRitchie

June 21, 2019 9:56:44 AM BRT


Technology is a double-edged sword. On the one hand, it gives us the possibility of targeting our key audience in the most efficient and direct way possible.  But on the other hand, the constant technology advancements make it a difficult task to continually keep up-to-date with improvements and new fraudulent activities constantly being developed through online advertising.

Influencer Marketing is a clear example of a rapidly expanding marketing form that increases your brand’s relationship to its consumers. However, if not deployed with current technology, you could expose your campaign to fraud and negatively affect your campaign’s performance.


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Influencer marketing is successful because it allows brands to authentically deliver their message at scale from a local-credit source; from which the consumer has already previously chosen to engage with.  This is why the trend of influencer marketing has rapidly grown into the most effective marketing technique used today in the digital world.


With this new form of advertising also emerges potential new fraudulent activity with the use of "fake influencers".  Fake influencers are profile accounts with insufficient levels of engagement, often consisting with purchased followers.  These accounts will have you believe to be reaching a certain audience but instead your campaigns are being targeted into the abyass.  

A second challenge that comes with influencer marketing is how to measure a campaign objective. As we all know in marketing everything needs to be formulated into some sort of metric to determine if the campaigns goals are successful or not.

So how can we measure the effects on social channels with influencer marketing and still be assured to block out fraudulent activities?

Here at Lemmonet we have come to answer this question internally. 

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By developing our own influencer platform to provide the technology tools needed in order to run successful influencer campaigns, find the right influencers for the targeted audience and give in-depth analysis of the metrics from all your social campaigns.  We built this software in-house with the idea in mind to provide a complete structure for clients to have complete autonomy over their campaigns, including creator’s used and the content in which they are producing. Below we describe how we have come to solve these issues in the world of influencer marketing today.

By having years of experience working in this market we know how to enhance the possibilities of reach, engagement and results offered by the digital world.

Our activity not only focuses on Influencers Marketing, but also on Branding and Performance. In addition to this, we use an exclusive technological tool that we have developed exclusively to guarantee the success and professionalism of our clients' campaigns.

The design of the platform



After selecting the influencers that best suit your campaign objective, you will formally invite them through our platform to participate in the campaign.  

Our platform will dive deep within each creator’s audience and share metrics of their account. This includes details such as the individual audiences’ location by cities and countries, their audiences specific category interests, percentages of credibility in the audience,  amount of likes and followers; and metrics of the interaction that each post will generate.


Evaluating each and every aspect of these details gives the ability to successfully launch and grow influencer campaigns at scale to spread your campaign’s objective efficiently.


When building our platform, we wanted to be able to give complete transparency and the ability to review content before being published. With this feature, all content needs approval from the brand before the release of a campaign.

We’ve simplified this task in our platform to be a single action of a mouse click to approve or reject content.  This allows us to thoroughly only publish content in accordance with the exact details that are desired from the brand.

The numbers: campaign statistics

One of the most important objectives in any marketing campaign is understanding the results and recording the data that comes with it.  Having detailed metrics is a necessary tool. In our platform we emphasis this heavily by breaking down statistics for each individual piece of content published, engagements, impressions, followers, likes, comments, etc.  

In addition to visibility, we can also guarantee your KPIs. For us it is essential that you can keep track of followers, impressions, reach of posts (unique users), likes, comments received by publications, as well as effective conversions when it comes to performance campaigns. This is how we are able to measure the success of a campaign and track your KPIs.  These stats also give us additional feedback on what specifically resonated most with your audience.

We pride ourselves with delivering such details.  It’s in the detail with how we are able to successfully guarantee client’s KPIs.

We show the metrics of a campaign with two perspectives from an overall global statistic and additionally broken down into each performance from an individual influencer.  

As we’ve said above, technology can be a great ally in finding your specific audience.  However, there still needs to be careful consideration when venturing down this new avenue of marketing. With our tools we have developed at Lemmonet we have found how to successfully visually track results, reduce fraud and maximize your ROI for all your online social media campaigns.

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Influencer Marketing guide for professionals

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Shelby MacRitchie

Written by Shelby MacRitchie