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Performance and Influencers? Trust us, it works.

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Written by Samantha Badgen

July 2, 2020 3:45:38 PM BRT


We have gone on record saying that having thousands of followers doesn't automatically make someone an influencer, and we stand by this. However, if you find yourself with a solid following (of real people!) who likes and interacts with your content on a regular basis, it's a good place to start. 

How can my followers help me make money, you ask? It's simple: you can get paid for every purchase, download, or sign up that takes place through a link you’re promoting. This is what we call performance with influencers, and it’s kind of our specialty here at Lemmonet. 

Wait, what?

Let’s back up for a second. While the best known way to monetize content is on a pay-per-post basis, some brands will also pay per acquisition. What this means is instead of paying you for an agreed-upon number of posts promoting the brand, event, or product, you can create as much content as you want to promote the sale, or app, the brand provides you with a custom URL to link to in all your posts, and you’ll get paid everytime someone makes an acquisition through your link. 

Although all brands have certain do’s and don’ts to follow when creating content associated with it, this method of sponsored content gives creators more freedom and flexibility to work with. You’re allowed to create as much content as you want, on any social media page, and to post as many times as you want. Because you get paid every time there’s an action, the opportunity for a big payout is higher than if you were just getting paid for one or two posts. 

Examples of Instagram posts promoting a promo link.

You may be thinking that the bigger the audience, the more chances you have of being successful with performance campaigns, but don’t be so sure of this! For strategies like this to work, you also need to have a relatively high engagement rate, which is why it’s so important to ensure that the accounts following you are real people and not bots. You need people who will regularly interact with the content you publish, otherwise you might as well be posting to the void, and the void doesn’t pay the bills. 


And here’s where we step in. Here at Lemmonet, we focus on connecting content creators with brands looking for very online people to promote them, or their products, and one thing we’ve seen a lot of is brands struggling to automate and improve the flow and time required to execute these large-scale influencers marketing campaigns. Additionally, there’s sometimes a disconnect between brands and creators when measuring the results to optimize the return on investment.

Through this type of strategy - performance with influencers - campaigns are more time and cost effective, and they can get measurable results through the use of tracking links. Influencers then receive a variable payout depending on new user acquisition  tracked through their code, which leads to producing 10 more times the minimum amount of contracted content.

In this type of strategy, the possibility of sharing links on social networks is usually exploited to the maximum. Using discount codes is incredibly useful to generate downloads of new applications, create the need for new service or exhaust the stock of a particular product. 

The functionality of Instagram stories, with the swipe up function for immediate action by the audience, it's very attractive for brands that seek to generate conversions or redirect traffic.

On our platform, influencers can find campaigns they can participate in and brands have the ability to track their results in real time, a win-win for everyone. 

Interested in participating, or learning more? Check us out! 

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Samantha Badgen

Written by Samantha Badgen